Management and Goverance

Management Team

Chief Officers

Hugh Mitchell

Chief Executive Officer
Hugh Mitchell, CEO

Reg Ash

Chief Financial OfficerREg Ash, CFO

Mike Woods

Chief Operating Officer
Mike Woods, COO



Heather Blackwell

Corporate Affairs
Heather Blackwell, Director of Corporate Affairs

Kris Dinel

Business DevelopmentKris Dinel, Director of Business Development

Justin Fidler

Support Services
 Justin Fidler, Director of Facility Support Services


Ken Karns

Facility Development
Ken Karns, Director of Facility Development

Voytek Michalczyk

Sales & MarketingVoytek Michalczyk, Director of Sales & Marketing



Board of Governors

Don McCallum

Don McCallum - Chair

Tim Kelly

Vice Chair
Tim Kelly, Vice Chair


2013/2014 Governors:

The authoritative governing body of the Association.




Vice Chair 

  • Janet Carr

  • Ray Chowen

  • Tom Cowan

  • Joe Dales

  • Jim Hunter

  • Counc. Harold Usher (City Appointee)

  • Joanne Vanderheyden

 Michelle Campbell, As Immediate Past Chair 
Josh Morgan, Programming Council, President 

Programming Council:

The Programming Council is an advisory committee of the Board. The Programming Council shall be responsible for advising the Board on all matters relating to programming for the Annual Fair and all Association owned and operated shows.




Vice President

  • Warden Brad Richards (By virtue of office)

  • David Brent

  • Heather Broadhead

  • Counc. Denise Brown (City Appointee)

  • Counc. David Bolton (County Appointee)

  • Counc. Bill Armstrong (City Appointee)

  • Carrie Fraleigh De Schutter

  • Al Edmondson

  • Steve Holmes

  • Dave Little

  • Dianne McComb

  • Larry Rosevear

  • Robert Secco

  • Warren Hoy

  • Don McCallum, Chair of the Board of Governors



(Past Chairs of the Board of Governors)

  • Alan Marr

  • Ken Levy

  • Denny Lang

  • Karl Nevin

  • Jan Delaney

  • John White

  • John Ferris

  • Bill Grieve

  • Gary Williams

  • Hugh Filson 


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