A special THANK-YOU goes out to the following Volunteers that have dedicated their time and efforts to the Western Fair Association.




20 – 29 Hours


Rosemary Anderson  

Helen Andrin        

Al Blackman

Robert Bride      

Gail Carter            

Elaine Clarke

Cathy Egan                

Ellen Edmonsdon

Al Edmondson

Vik Farrugia      

Shirley Hall           

Nancy Henkel

Denise Hodgins          


Norma Hope         

Warren Hoy

Kathy Johnson           

Wayne King          

Michelle Kovacs

Michelle Lane             

Gloria MacDonald 

Jerry Rivard

Eve Norman-Vestergaard         

Bill Simpson

Nancy Smithers                       

Barb Symington

30 – 39 Hours

Christina Brush                       

Mary Chowen               

Glenn Egan                            

Adriana Fegan          

Elmer Jorgensen                     

Courtney Mathers 

Ryan Manson                          

Mary Roberts               

Chris VanLaarhoven                

Heather VanLaarhoven   

Laura Warren                         

Laura Young

40 – 49 Hours


Ed MacDonald                         

Jim McFadden

Robert Pelow                  

Fred Smithers

50 – 99 Hours

Jane Cassino                           

Nancy Dampier              

Robert Kuik                              

Waiyne Perry                  

Gerry Schostak                        

Albert Whatmore

Over 100

Buzz Gomes

Andrea Weatherston





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