The Wonderful World of Volunteers

Our Volunteers just keep giving & giving

It seems that coat checks and volunteers just go hand in hand. At the Wine & Food Show they raised just over $2,00.00, which was donated to the ARF.

Our Vision

Creating unique experiences that build positive memories

Our Mission

The Western Fair Association is an Agricultural Society that through its people, activities and facilities excels in creating unique experiences that fulfill the evolving entertainment, recreational and education interest or our customers.

Rights and Responsibilities of a Volunteer

The Rights:

  • To be treated as a co-worker, not just free help.
  • To a suitable and safe assignment.
  • To a well-planned program of training and supervision.
  • To sound guidance and direction.
  • To be heard, to fell free to make suggestions.
  • To be respected and valued.

The Responsibility:

  • To be sincere in the offer of service.
  • To be loyal to the organization.
  • To maintain the dignity and integrity of the organization.
  • To carry out duties promptly and reliably.
  • To be willing to learn and accept guidance.
  • To stay within the bounds of the volunteer placement description.


If you are interesting in volunteering with the Western Fair Association please fill out the membership form and return to:
Click Here

Volunteer Coordinator: Beth Sayler

Community Service Telephone: 438-7203 ext 381
Fax: 679-3124
Email: bsayler@westernfairdistrict.com

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