Green Initiatives
at the Western Fair District

Green Initiatives at the Western Fair District

The "Green Team"

Making our company as "green" as possible is a priority at Western Fair.The Green Team was created August 2010, by a group of dedicated employees interested in leading environmental initiatives at the Western Fair Association.

We strive to minimize the environmental impact of our operations by doing our best to conserve, recycle, embrace emerging technologies and explore alternative and renewable sources of energy that will provide a better future for Western Fair, our families, our customers and our community.

Past Events

APR 15

Cleaning up CNRA Park

20 Minute Makeover of the CNRA Park

WFA has accepted the Business to Business, 20 minute Make-Over Challenge. Companies, government locations and schools endeavour to clean-up their environment.

Earth Hour - Logo

MAR 26

Earth Hour 8:30pm-9:30pm

Western Fair joined businesses around the world to combat global warming by turning off non-essential lights


"Greening" Habitat for Humanity Homes

Green initiatives

One of the Green Team's first major community events will be laying sod and planting trees and plants at the three new Habitat for Humanity homes located on Egerton Street. Western Fair has made a corporate donation to "green" the properties for our three new neighbours and will utilize staff volunteers to complete this project.


National Tree Day

PEAC participated in National Tree Day by planting a new tree along Florence St. near the Sports Centre.

Ongoing & Past Initiatives

E-waste recycling

Western Fair is recycling all electronic waste. Printers, computers, phones, etc are all disposed of responsibly using Advanced Materials Recovery.

Green Power for the Fair

Since 2009, the Annual Fair has invested in 100% green energy with Bullfrog Power.


We collect green waste from our kitchens and produce in-house compost for use in our flower beds and landscaping.

Pesticide Free

We have practiced pesticide free landscaping

Investing in energy efficient equipment

The Sports Centre has invested in new ice equipment to lower fossil fuel consumption, and upgraded its HVAC building automation lowering their utilities.

Replacing lights

The Western Fair has replaced lighting in the Sports Centre, tradeshow buildings, Agriplex, and workshops with more energy efficient lights. During Christmas, all decorative Christmas lighting has been changed to LED lights.

Paperless choices

Western fair has chosen to go paperless with e-surveys, e-ballots and e-tickets for all of our shows.

Green choices in our buildings

Our office building has been modified to have occupancy sensor lights on all offices and washrooms, programmable thermostats, night lights and timers on outdoor lighting

Committed to reducing consumption

The Western Fair Sports Centre has signed on to the "Ontario Demand Response Program" to reduce electricity on high demand days


Please contact Heather Blackwell at 519-438-7208 ext. 261 if you have any questions about the "Green Team"

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