Management and Governance

Management Team  

Chief Officers

  • Hugh Mitchell Chief Executive Officer
  • Reg Ash Chief Administrative Officer
  • Mike Woods Chief Operating Officer
  • Kris Dinel Chief Business Development Officer


  • Heather Blackwell Agriculture 
  • Michelle Scott Human Resources
  • Kelly Marshall Sales



2016-2017 Governors

The authoritative governing body of the Association.

Chair Tim Kelly  
Vice Chair Joe Dales  

Dave Little

David Ross

Dianne McComb

Janet Carr

Joanne Vanderheyden

Ann Straatman

  John Finan Scott Courtice

Tom Cowan

City Representative Councillor Josh Morgan  
Past Chair Don McCallum  
Programming Council President Warren Hoy  


2016-2017 Programming Council

The Programming Council is an advisory committee of the Board. The Programming Council shall be responsible for advising the Board on all matters relating to programming for the Annual Fair and all Association owned and operated shows.


Warren Hoy

Vice President

Tom Baker


Grant Edwards


Carrie Fraleigh de Schutter


Patricia Graham


Stacy King


Betty Ann MacKinnon


Rhonda Persichilli


Sharon Peters


Brian Slaughter


Mary Anne Zwambag

City Representatives

Councillor Virginia Ridley


Councillor Mohamed Salih

Middlesex County

Warden Don Shipway (as of December 2016)


Councillor Brian Ropp

Board of Governors, Chair Tim Kelly 


2016-2017 Senate

Don McCallum, Chair  

Al Marr

Bill Grieve 
Denny Lang Gary Williams 

Jan Delaney

John White
Kari Nevin  Ken Levy
Michelle Campbell