Agricultural Hall of Fame

Western Fair District is pleased and proud to serve as the home for the Middlesex County Agriculture Hall of Fame.

The Middlesex County Agricultural Hall of Fame, founded in 2000, recognizes the history and tradition of agriculture in Middlesex County. The primary objective of the Agricultural Hall of Fame is to recognize those who have demonstrated unselfish achievements within the realm of agriculture and service to the rural community in Middlesex County and beyond.

A yearly induction ceremony is held every March.  For further information or to give ideas on who would be a good candidate please see contacts below.

The portraits of the Middlesex Agricultural Hall of Fame Inductees are on display in the lobby of the Western Fair District Metroland Media Agriplex. The Hall Of Fame is proudly sponsored by Libro Financial Group.  

For More Information Contact:
Middlesex County Agricultural Hall of Fame

Hugh Fletcher, Chair
 (519) 666-1572

Lucia Lilbourne, Coordinator
 (519) 457-8444




Arthur was born in Watford on August 20th, 1876, and grew up in Delaware. Arthur worked on fencing and determined that he wanted to build his own machine for weaving wire fences. His machine shop was located in London and the first machine, sold in 1898 could weave 600 lineal feet of fence per day. Arthur was granted a number of patents in Canada and the US. While selling 1500 machines each year, he continued to improve on them. The London Fence Machine Company was both owned and managed by Arthur for 8 years. Throughout his career he sold fence weaving machines in North America, England, Ireland, South Africa and Australia. 



DORINDA GREENWAY (born in 1920)

Dorinda was born and raised in London, Ontario. She is an accomplished equestrian and an international horse show judge. In February 1948, Dorinda was a founder and continues to be a patron of the London Pony Club. Dorinda has been an active member on committees of the Western Fair, the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair as well as Canadian and international equestrian federations and teams. Today, she can still be found riding, continually sharing her passion and vast knowledge gained through decades of experience. 




Kenneth was born in Middlesex County and grew up on a farm near Strathroy. He was involved with many organizations: the Middlesex Soil & Crop Improvement Association, Middlesex and Ontario Federations of Agriculture, as well as the Middlesex Canning Crop Growers Association. Kenneth participated in a number of committees such as the Ontario Crop Insurance Arbitration Board, Fanshawe College Agriculture Advisory Board, Ontario Grain Corn Council and the Eastern Canada Grain Standards Committee. He led trade & research missions to the US and around the world, as well as lectured at educational meetings across Ontario. 



The induction ceremony will be held in the Carousel Room (Slots Building, 2nd Level) at the Western Fair District on Wednesday March 2nd, 2016 at 11:30am. For tickets or further information please contact Hugh Fletcher at (519) 666-1572. The portraits of these individuals will be displayed with the Middlesex Agricultural Hall of Fame Inductees in the lobby of the Western Fair District Metroland Media Agriplex. 

For More Information Contact:
Middlesex County Agricultural Hall of Fame

Hugh Fletcher, Chair
(519) 666-1572

Lucia Lilbourne, Coordinator
(519) 457-8444





Year Honoured

Cuddy, Alfred McInroy

  2000 Biography
Broadwell, Charles E.   2007 Biography
Earley, George Graham   2007 Biography
Edwards, Alice Catherine   2009 Biography
Riddell, William Keith   2000 Biography
Stewart, William Atcheson   2000 Biography
Grieve, William Richard   2001 Biography
Hutton, Ken and Dora   2001 Biography
Laidlaw, George Wallace   2001 Biography
Filson, Hugh   2002 Biography
Hughes, John (Bert)   2002 Biography
Whale, I. B.   2002 Biography
Dixon, Andrew   2003 Biography
Long, Gerry and Renie   2003 Biography
Twynstra, Peter   2003 Biography
Frank, William C.   2008 Biography
Gates, Marion   2006 Biography
Guest, Emily Jane   2005 Biography
Hardy, Clarence Alfred   2005 Biography
Lewis, Fred   2004 Biography
McDonald, David   2005 Biography
McGugan, Evan   2009 Biography
Patrick, Joseph H   2008 Biography
Pretty, Dr. Kenneth   2007 Biography
Robson, Tom E   2006 Biography
Saunders, Sir Charles Edward   2004 Biography
Shore, Hardy & Robert “Bob”   2008 Biography
Stewart, Alex M. & John A.   2006 Biography
Switzer, Dr. Clayton   2009 Biography
White, George   2004 Biography
Zavitz, Dr. Charles   2010 Biography
Prestage, Robert “Bob” A.   2010 Biography
Strybosch, John   2010 Biography
Ferguson, Ralph   2011 Biography
William, Weld   2011 Biography
Heard, Richard   2011 Biography
Bedggood, Robert   2012 Biography
Carling, Sir John   2012 Biography
Saunders, William   2012 Biography
Beck, Sir Adam   2013 Biography
The Herbert Family (Bill, Ruth & Jack)   2013 Biography
Seelster Farms and Van Bussel Family   2013 Biography
T. Alex Edwards   2014 Biography
Peter Lewington   2014 Biography
James Murby   2014 Biography
Tom Bradish    2015 Biography
Roy Jewell   2015 Biography

Arthur Blashill

  2016 Biography
Dorinda Greenway   2016 Biography
Kenneth Patterson   2016 Biography