10 Clever Ways that Actually Make Your Run More Awesome

Your bod will thank you!

1. Eliminate like a million sneaker/fit problems by learning different ways to tie your sneakers.

Cramped toes, slipping heels, and pain across the top of the foot are just a few problems that can be solved with creative lacing. School yourself here.


2. Take lots of brisk walking breaks.

Fact: Some people complete entire marathons alternating between walking and running. Why not give yourself quick walk breaks in the middle of your runs, too? You can follow the Galloway method, named after Jeff Galloway, the godfather of run-walking or make it up on your own.


3. Make your pre- and post-run snacks into delicious rituals.

If you’re running first thing in the morning or going out for an hour or more, you’ll probably want to have a substantial snack before and/or after you run. Instead of just grabbing a sad mushy banana or pre-packaged bar, put together a simple, delicious, satisfying something you can look forward to. Get inspiration for a healthy snack by checking out what healthy people snack on IRL and what they eat for breakfast.


4. Use an app like Songza that will curate perfect running playlists with 120 beats per minute.

Songza lets you browse playlists by activity, so visit their library of playlists to work out to and go crazy. I recommend “80’s Training Montage” and “Rap Bangers For Running.” Also check out RockMyRun, which lets you choose playlists put together by DJs — you can choose by genre or BPM — or use myBeat mode, which adjusts the tempo of your music to match your pace (or push you to go harder).


5. Turn your run into an immersive adventure game.

If outrunning zombies sounds heroic, download Zombies, Run, an app that makes you the hero in a zombie adventure story. You have to outrun hordes of brain-hungry monsters while collecting items you’ll need and progressing through the missions. If James Bond-esque spy stories are more your thing, check out The Walk, another immersive adventure story that advances as you run. It offers 800 minutes of audio which should get you through a couple runs.


6. Use longer runs as opportunities to get lost in an audiobook or catch up on podcasts.

When you’re not trying to haul butt and therefore don’t need a thumping beat to set your pace and actually need a little something to distract you during that long weekend run, podcasts and audiobooks are entertaining, absorbing, and time-passing. 


7. Make sure you have the right sneakers.

It’s not just the shoelluminati of the Sneaker Industrial Complex; proper running shoes really do make for more comfortable, less injury-prone runs. Go to a store like New Balance London where a pro can help you pick sneakers that will make your runs feel better and minimize post-run aches and pains or use this running shoe quiz to find the right pair.


8. Get temporary tattoos to keep your attitude positive and your motivation strong.

Studies have shown positive self talk helps people perform better and boosts confidence during exercise. If you want to enjoy your run, try to drown out your inner Debbie Downer with some positive thoughts about how much ass you’re kicking. Reminding yourself that you can do it and that you’re awesome for making the effort and that you’re basically part human, part cheetah might do the trick.

And why memorize your own matnra when you can get some running inspiration-themed temporary tattoos from Run INKspired?


9. Follow #runchat and #seenonmyrun to get inspired.

Get motivated by other runners sharing photos of beautiful views, medals from races, sneakers, and sweaty selfies.


10. Register for a fun race.

Some races feel basically like parties with a few miles thrown in. Try Run The District’s series final the Classic Championship road race (end with ballons, confetti, marching bands and a pasta lunch). It’ll give you something to train for and nothing beats the feeling of crossing the finish line. Register today and have some fun!

Inspired by this article from Buzzfeed.